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I am truly honored to have made it to runner up Speaker of the Year position. I just feel so sorry that I couldn’t do more to amplify this incredible opportunity due to a number of challenges. Congratulations to all the Winners and well done to my fellow sisters for making it this far on the phenomenal WomenTech Global Conference platform. I will be back

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👏 Another round of applause for finalists competing for the WomenTech Speaker of the Year Award 2021!

⚡️ After a contested and long deliberation, the chosen finalists are:

Jossie Haines, VP of Software Engineering at Tile
⭐️ Kamila Wosińska, Group Client Compliance Manager, Accredited Coach and Business Mentor at GFT Group
⭐️ Kesha Williams, Principal Training Architect at A Cloud Guru
⭐️ Kristina Maria BrandstetterAstrid Wieland (she/her) & Doris Schlaffer, Board Members & Founders of #thenewITGirls
⭐️ Lucinda Cross, President at ActivateWorldwide
⭐️ Maria Korneeva, Frontend Technology Lead at Aleri Solutions GmbH
⭐️ Nicole Scheffler, Enterprise Engineering Manager at VMware
⭐️ Sarit Pinhas, Senior Software Engineer at Duda
⭐️ Shelli Brunswick, Chief Operating Officer at Space Foundation

Speaker of the Year Runners-up:
🌟 Sreyoshi Bhaduri, Ph.D.
🌟 Dijana Llugolli
🌟 Nimmy Nemlin – PMP®
🌟 Swathi Shyam Sunder
🌟 Khadija Moore, BSc, CPTD
🌟 Priya Mouli
🌟 Joanie Fredericks

🥁 The winners will be announced on December 1st during the WomenTech Global Awards 2021 ceremony.

🎫 Get your ticket to join the celebration, listen to keynotes, and attend the live ceremony: https://lnkd.in/dwsSEtJ

Stay tuned and congratulations to the finalists! 🎉👏


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Michael  Solkjaer
Michael Solkjaer

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